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First official Habanos Moments took place in May 2011.

The basic idea was to bring new and better ideas as well as some new elements in gastronomy of Istria, which has been a melting pot of cultures and gastronomy for centuries.

The main theme of the event was United Kingdom Vintage Concept  launched by world oldest  cigar distributor Hunters & Frankau of London. During the gala diner in Monte Mulini hotel wine vault Mr Simon Chase, the creator of the idea presented the concept and guests were offered UK Vintage Romeo&Julieta Hermosos No.4 from 1999 vs. Fresh one  from 2009.

Monte Mulini  chef (one of the best chefs in Croatia) Mr Tom Gretić, at the same time a passionate aficionado, was in charge of tasting journey matching carefuly cigars with best istrian wines.

Accompanied program offered for a smaller group of people (by invitation only) tasting and matching of macerated istrian malvasia wines with aged cuban limited edition cigar from year 2007 organized by winemakers and aficionados Giorgio Clai and Mladen Roxanic.

Furthermore, during these few days the first Istrian cigar breakfast was successfully launched in ''stancija'' Meneghetti (stancija is an old noble village house), their french chef Mr Jan Ives was matching Meneghetti sparkling wine with french-istrian fusion in food with Habano cigars.

On the last day of this long weekend on the Vinistra fairground (local Istrian wine and gourmet fair) the biska – cigar  matching took place (biska – istrian brandy born in Roman and Celtic times made from mistletoe plant and malvasia grapes).

2011 Habanos moments was closed with this workshop, and from that moment the whole story has started.


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