Launching of Camelot second regional edition, Ramon Allones - Terra Magica.

Place - restaurant Miramare in Valamar Isabella resort on the island of St. Nikola. Cocktail at the beginning was powered by H.Upmann - Magnum 46, Croatian Vintage 2005 paired with Champagne Exclusive Vintage 1993, Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs.

Since Terra Magica is omage to region of Istria wines selected followed multinational picture of Istria with two Croatian wine makers Moreno Coronica (Malvazija Coronica 2016) and Bruno Trapan (Revolution 2017 Premiere),

Slovenian Marijan Simčić (Rebula Opoka 2011) and our dearest Croatian Italian Giorgio Clai (Ottocento White 2013).

Great privilege was that Giorgio was attending the dinner. Selection of the wines was done with one of Croatia’s best sommeliers Mr. Sandi Paris.

Months before this evening we met the chef Mr. Mario Postružin, who is a big cigar aficionado and left him few Ramon Allones to inspire the menu.

Mario did a great job and dinner went smoothly to finale with Santiago de Cuba 25, kindly provided by G3 Sprits, importer in Croatia and Slovenia.

The music scene was done by Joe Pandur and his amazing Jazz band.

There were few nice surprises along the night. Presence of one of the biggest tobacco legends Mr. Heinrich Villiger was a great privilege but his presence to Camelot team for 25th anniversary was a big pleasant surprise.


Our sponsor Adorini humidors were responsible for second surprise with their Habanero Rum. They blended the rum in Germany from four Cuban selected rums and they created another small perfection on this planet. Thank you Felix Spohn and Torger Brunken.


The guests were a nice mixture of trade professionals, importers, retailers, members of Russian and German cigar clubs and finally the most important local and international cigar lovers. It is clear that the world of cigars is warm place of great friendship and good times.


Thank you all for being a part of this and let’s meet again … anywhere.


Photos by William Kilander