Habanos Moments 2017 - Day 3 "Show Must Go On" / 3.6.2017.

Habanos Moments day 3 started after morning beach refreshment with traditional “Show Must Go On” event.


This event started Habanos Moments in 2008. Demian has tragically left us but tradition still lives in his name.

We decided to match freshly made ice cream by Flaviani Desserts from Pula, made from dried figs, truffles and olive oil with freshly made classic Cohiba Lanceros.

Our dear friend Jhusat Hernandez Batista, torcedor from El Laguito factory in Havana modified classic recipe together with Mr. Ajay Patel to make it a bit stronger and give exclusive additional “kick”.

Damian’s eternal Biska grappa glued all the flavors together.


Thank you all it was just perfect!


Photos by William Kilander